Institut Robert Faure

Ch'an and Sumi-e painting

The teachers

Robert Faure


Influenced by the history of the Chinese and Japanese painting, Robert Faure has built his teaching in several stages:

1- Learning the fundamental principles of classical painting, allowing the acquisition of basic gestures, including ease and determination.
These qualities are learned through the four fundamental plants called gentilmen, bamboo, orchid, prunus and chrysanthemum.

2- The learning continues and is strengthened in the achievements of the subjects encountered in landscapes, trees, rocks, multiple vegetations. 
The student develops the ability to reproduce these subjects in the various planes, from the closest to the most distant.

3- The following pedagogy is oriented towards the execution of multiple landscapes applying to follow all the laws of composition. This allows gradual access to more streamlined and suggestive styles. 

4- Finally, teaching directs the student towards more technical skills, assurance in his gestures, in order to discover more vivacity and simplicity. And then the great landscapes of mist, clouds and reflections finally become accessible to him. 

Christiane Faure 


Attracted very early by the sobriety and peace that emerge from some Asian paintings, she discovered the practice of this painting with her husband.

She has been studying painting since 1990 and has been teaching for a few years, especially accompanying beginners in the early stages in the tch'an and sumi-e painting.

His pedagogical approach is based on his experience of improvised dance and his professional skills as a coach and trainer in the institute she created in 2004, after a 23-year career in business.


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