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Teachers graduated


aaMireille AMAR
56 bis, avenue Notre Dame des Anges
06110 Le Cannet
Phone : 06 15 19 95 65
e-mail :
site :

Graduated from the International Academy of ink Painting of Robert FAURE.

"I offer a progressive and accompanied learning process as well as a loyal approach in the spirit of the tch'an and sumi-e ink painting.

Apart from technical and aesthetic aspects, the attention of the student is focused on the significance of the posture, the part of the body in its entirety, and the breath the movement goes along with. 

Looking for the life's quivering, the artist's gaze is transformed and he discovers talents that he did not imagine.

aaJérome EDOU
Phone : +977 98 010 51 006
Mail :

Website animated by Jerome EDOU, graduated from the International Academy of ink painting of Robert FAURE.

He practices and teaches ink painting inspired from Chan (Zen) painting. 
He proposes to explore this pictorial approach as the means of technical and spiritual acomplishment.
This painting is called Sumi-e or Suiboku in japanese.


Pascale FRANCE
Near Lyon
Phone : 06 88 39 66 84
mail :
Website in progress

Graduated from the International Academy of ink painting of Robert FAURE.

Thank to the rigorous learning of Suiboku ga ink painting, I am passionate in guiding beginners or experienced painters towards their creativity.



Estelle GRISOT
11 chemin de Jacomit
05100 Briançon 
Phone : 06 86 98 22 06
mail : 
website :

"Born and living in the French High Alps, I have been teaching visual arts and especially watercolor to young and older for more than 20 years.

Practicing sumi-e ink painting, taught me to slow down, to lighten, to feel deeper and "listen better".
Sumi-e ink painting offers the chance of feeling pleasure and to fulfil, obtaining through the roots of pictorial technique as much as in the depths of what is "here and now". Meeting of self, of the world that surrounds us, of a gesture of the brush, subtle and musical.



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