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Ch'an and Sumi-e painting

The dragon and the school

After practising extensively the techniques of Chinese ink painting, since 1985 and meeting with illustrious Chinese and Japanese traditional painters, Robert Faure founded the T’chan and Sumi-e Institute in the south of France, now called Robert Faure Institute. The Insitute is now in Britany since 1st november 2021.

Its principal activity is to teach, through classes and workshops, the respect for the sober tradition of this unique art while adapting to a western comprehension without loosing the universal spirit which qualifies this style of painting.

The School of the Dragon is the department of the Robert FAURE Institute which regroups the educational and teaching aspects

Why the school of the dragon?

At the entrance to buildings and temples, on either side of the stairway which leads to them are two watching dragons. Only those who are scared or those who are not at peace with themselves avoid looking at them before entering. Some, at the last moment, even draw back.

Once the fear, the confusion and worry have passed the dragons cease to intimidate us. The same guardians of the temple and the mystery of things become our loyal companions and protectors. They cease to scare us and they give us the necessary courage to join with the part of ourselves where there is no longer fear.

In our school, face to face with a sheet of white paper, we learn, little by little how to tame the watching dragon.

Creation of the School

The first students discovered the school in 1995 in Antibes, then in Saint Laurent du Var, Nice, Toulon, Chamberry, in whole France and in Belgium.

From the beginning and until this day the school is a travelling structure, to carry out its courses, workshops and demonstrations whether in France or abroad it is the teachers who go to the students.

To this day more than 700 people have come to know of the schools existence and have shown an interest in Chinese ink painting, some continue their apprentices and are still students. The students come from all walks of life, from housewives, business owners, doctors, managers, architects to professional and amateur photographers and photographers.

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