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Philosophical approach

aa Patience de la main
Henri Guérin
Editions du Cerf 2012
A small work full of sensitivity that accompanies a beginner painter in identifying and removing the obstacles that every amateur encounters on the path to creativity.
aa Profitez-en, l’art est encore en vente libre !
Pierre et Arnaud Cornette de Saint Cyr
Buchet Chastel 2009
Remarkable little book painting the picture of the difficulties of the present art in its planetary mutations. A good work against the sometimes unconditional craze for contemporary art.

Spiritualité de l’instant
Robert Faure
Ed. Le fennec 1994
A philosophy of time and more particularly of the moment, which is the hinge between spiritual time and that of action. Many examples taken from daily life invite us to reconsider our use of time.

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