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Guestbook of the exhibitions - 2019


Somes Testimonials

March 2019 - Exhibition at the Saint-Pierre Chapel at Saint-Chamas

"I drove an hour and a half by car to admire your magnificent works, and I did well, it's beautiful, relaxing for the eyes, the senses and the soul. Thank you for the beauty you share with us and your wonderful talent."​
Françoise F-B

"Work of great richness, of a sensitivity that makes nature resonate, we feel it present."
Annick M.

The haïku in painting : sublime !"
Myriam B.

"Thank you for admiring your masterpieces that I've never seen anywhere else."

"Wonderful paintings, room for dreams and poetry, thank you Robert Faure, it's superb and restful for the soul".

February 2019 - Sollies-Pont Castle

"Thank you very much Mr Faure for pointing out the importance of inner and outer light, with my sincere admiration."​
Marie-Gabrielle C.

"Thank you for this meditative experience that brings us into the heart of the evening, it's so essential".​
Vanessa B.

"How much technique in precision, detail. One feels inclined towards fullness, I'd almost say a divine grace. Thank you to Mr Faure who, after an extraordinary journey, transmits so much sensitivity, emotions and self sacrifice".​

"Delicate masses, the immensity, the precision of the line very airy, everything is light, very beautiful work."
The photographers from Six-Fours

"A single impression: remarkable sensitivity, beauty and elegance."

"Thank you to Mr. Faure for allowing us to access such a remote and refined art. His artistic creation is surprisingly beautiful and refined. A nice change of scenery that this beautiful exhibition".



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