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How to take care of your brushes


You have chosen brushes of excellent quality in our boutique and their longevity depends on their maintenance.
In order that your brushes keep their quality, here is some advice :

1- Take off the plastic which surrounds the hairs of your new brush and throw it; especially never put it back to avoid that hairs become mouldy

2- For the first use it is necessary to soften at first hairs covered with starch. For that purpose, without wetting your brush, you have to press between the thumb and the index the dry hairs of the brush on the base and in the middle  until the hairs become soft. (do not press the point of the brush)
It can take a little of time especially for the big.  Then when hairs are soft from the base, you wash them under the cold water to remove the starch. (never use a cleaning product)

3- After painting, wash your brush in the cold water carefully until there is no more ink.
To verify if it is clean, press your brush in the bottom of the washbasin, he does not have to go out any more of ink.
Never let dip brushes into some water, you would lose all the airs !

4-  Dry your brushes either suspended on a brush hanger or on a support


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