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Ch'an and Sumi-e painting
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Robert Faure's book

Book on the spirit and practice of Ch'an and Sumie painting

"The Spirit of Gesture" - Editions du Chêne

Ch'an or sumi-e painting, practiced for centuries by Chinese and Japanese painters, is characterized by the unique use of Indian ink. His learning develops the dexterity, the ease, the speed of the gesture and claims a course without touching or correction. It is a question of representing the essential, by suggestion rather than detail, to restore the spontaneity and energy of each thing.

To introduce us to this discovery, Robert Faure accompanies us in the internal path necessary to acquire the know-how and techniques of the brush. Thanks to more than 80 exercises, it allows a progressive accompaniment from the first features to the more elaborate paintings. In the footsteps of China and Japan, this book of initiation is a personal guide to rediscover the path of authentic creativity.

This book is out of print. You will be able to look for it with patience on amazon or another site of resale.


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