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''Just a quick note to thank you for a great week! Robert's sharp but benevolent gaze, Christiane's attention to make sure that everything goes in quiet atmosphere.
Your good mood, your availability, your patience, your encouragement in front of my bamboos hesitating to shiver in the wind !!!​
And the good understanding between all the trainees makes this week as beneficial on a "creative" as on a human level. So, thank you very much!"​

Clotilde J.


Robert is a Grand Master who has been practicing this painting for more than 30 years and who has been exhibited in China...very rare for a Westerner!
A new way of holding the brush, more restraint and at the same time letting go...
everything I'm looking for!​
Robert and the other trainees were very nice and we spent 2 days in a forest of magic bamboos... I'll be back!

Cécile P.


I wanted to thank you for your guidance, teaching, so rich and sincere.
This investment body and soul with which Robert commits himself, encourages me to go beyond my expectations.
This bit of painting shared with our group is only the beginning of a great artistic adventure!​
The two trips of my life, to China and Japan, have filled my heart. I feel like I've grown up a bit!​

Pascale F.


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