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Paintings techniques

aaLes secrets de la peinture chinoise
Pauline Cherrett
Editions Fleurus 1993
An excellent book by this English painter to begin and persevere in painting, with many examples, practical advice to address many topics such as plants, animals, characters.
aaPetit traité de peinture chinoise – Fleurs et plantes
LI Zhongyao et LI Xiaohong
Ed. Le temps apprivoisé 2009
A very good guide especially to approach the 4 gentlemen. The basic synthetic advice at the beginning is precious and the painting technique is of an excellent level.
aaThe art of sumi-e
Shozo Sato
Kodansha International Ltd. Japon 1984
A technical book that accompanies the process of realisation of the gentlemen, the bases for birds, rocks, trees and mountains. It is the only book that deals with the few laws of composition in Japanese sumi-e from the beginning of the book.
aaL’Esprit du geste
Robert Faure
Editions du Chêne 2004
A technical and philosophical introductory book for any beginner who wants to begin to approach this art of simple



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