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Saint-Antoine l'Abbaye - ISERE


Training of Tch'an and Sumie ink painting
by Robert FAURE


Dates and place

From tuesday 6th to saturday 10th July 2021
Arche Saint-Antoine - Isère/FRANCE

Robert FAURE' s teaching is based both on the acquiring techniques and on a more interior and spiritual approach related to the traditions of China and Japan. This teaching allows a just adaptation of our Western perception of Art.

Robert Faure
has been practicing the Tch'an and Sumi-e art since 1985 under the guidance of a Chinese master. He organises courses throughout France and Europe.
His book "L'Esprit du Geste" (Spirit of the brushstroke) was published by the "Editions du Chêne" constitutes a clear and concise basis for learning tch'an and sumie painting. It offers  great personal creativity, more interior and spiritual approach related to the traditions of China and Japan. This teaching allows a just adaptation of our Western perception of Art.
In July 2006 in Savoie and june 2011 in south of France, he organized with his wife Christiane the First and second, International meeting of painting and calligraphy by inviting painters from China and from Japan.

In may 2013, he has been the first western painter to be exhibited at the famous Rong Bao Zhai gallery.
In june 2014 he has exhibited at the Museum of the Fine Arts Academy of Hangzhou

In June 2014 Robert Faure has created and opened the International tch'an and sumie ink painting Academy

This training course is addressed to both beginners, attentive to entering into the 'spirit of the gesture' as to confirmed painters.

Topics of the training
For the beginners, the "gentleman" studied for year 2021 will be the Orchid

For the advanced and confirmed painters, the themes recover the techniques of the orchid  (level 4 and 5), lotuses, trees and according to their technical level the landscapes.

The training will begin at 9.30am the first morning. You have to be in the room at 9.00am.
The training will finish at 4.00pm the last day.
Information about other schedules will be given the first day

Material for painting
If you are a beginner and in order to avoid a difficult learning due to a poor quality of material, we ask  for the following material* :
- 100  pieces of exercice paper
- 50 pieces of Xuan artisanal paper,
- a bottle of black ink from Japan or China
- a felt,
- brushes medium and small.
*Please see the boutique of our website or contact us

Place of the training
Hospitality is provided by a community whose aim is to live a life based on the principles of non-violence, and of which hospitality is the vocation and main activity.
The Community of the Ark was founded in 1948 by Lanza del Vasto, after his meetings with Gandhi. Single people and couples choose to live together a life based on work, simple needs, conciliation and reconciliation, prayer and spiritual development, as well as song, dance and celebration. They also participate in action for justice or for peace, in co-operation with other groups working in the field of non-violence.
The community of the Ark of Saint Antoine was founded in 1987. It occupies part of the building of the former Abbey of St Antoine, a listed building, in the beautiful mediaeval village of St. Antoine l'Abbaye.
The rooms are spread out on 4 floors: there are a few single rooms and 28 rooms for 2, 3 or 4 people sharing.

If you plan to participate to this training, you have to reserve the accommodation in full board.

Rate per person  : 500 euros
Room and full board in supplement

To register, please send the registration form hereunder together with 2 cheques of  250 euros each. . The first cheque will be endorsed 2 months before the training course, the second one,  one month before the training course.
For any registration in june, please send only one cheque of the total amount.

Cancellation conditions will be sent with the confirmation form.



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