TEACHING Modalities  Inscription Methods
  Inscription Methods  

To register

Any inscription is done in writing  by mail

Please download the form of inscription together with 2 cheques of 50% of the total amount of the training course.

Your inscription will be taken into account by order of arrival and will be confirmed by a mail of our share.

When you send your inscription, you have to confirm the following information :
I would like :
- a map to reach the place of training
- suggestions for the material requested
- a receipt at the end of the training

Material necessary for the training

If you are a beginner and in order to avoid a difficult learning due to a poor quality of material, we ask  for the following material sold on details on the website and proposed hereafter.

- 50 pieces of exercice papier (100 for summer courses) + 50 pieces of xuan artisanal paper ( (100 for summer courses)1 felt, 1 bottle of black ink, 1 Wolf hair brush
(please see the boutique of our website www.art-zen.com or contact us)

other material necessary

paper weight *
brushes support
2 white rectangulaire dishes (20cms x 15 cms)
a rag
* these materials can be ordered from Robert Faure

Cancellation Policy except for summer trainings
In case of written cancellation of your part only by mail, occurring

- more than 91 days before the beginning of the training course, a 80 euros sum for expenses of inscription will be kept by our care.
-between 90 days and 61 days before the 1st day of the training course, 50 % of the amount of the training will be kept by our care
- between 60 days and 31 days before the 1st day of the training course, 70% of the amount of the training will be kept by our care
- between 30 days and the 1st day of the training , the total amount will be kept by our care.

For summer trainings, cancellation Policy can be sent on request by giving the dates of the training.

Cancellation of a training by the Institute

In case of cancellation of a training by the Institute, you will receive the entire reimbursement of the rate.
The Institute will not reimburse the train ticket  (Prems - not exchangeable and rembousable train ticket)

TEACHING Modalities  Inscription Methods
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